Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Boy Who Cried NINJA

Latimer, A. (2011). The boy who cried ninja. Atlanta, GA: Peachtree.

Genre: Children’s Picture Storybook

Tim is constantly being blamed for things and his parents accuse him of lying when he says the ninja, pirate, and monkey did it. Frustrated, he decides that if he is going to be accused of lying, he should lie. So he lies and confesses to the mishaps around his house. When this gets him nowhere, he comes up with a plan to prove that he is being honest.

Reaction: HILARIOUS! Lying is a behavior that both children and parents can identify with and Latimer’s story captures the frustration that takes place when one actually lies and when one is wrongly accused of lying. While the story is quite unrealistic, it is still a great conversation starter for families or others dealing with issues surrounding lying and honesty. And who doesn’t love a time-traveling monkey…that was icing on the cake for me. Great book!


  1. It has to be unrealistic! It's a children's book (:
    I love that children's books are unrealistic because it gets us away from reality which is what a book is there for.

  2. Definitely! I love the fantastical and imaginative elements of children’s literature and great books do give us a break from reality. And with all the “heavy” stuff that has been happening in the real world later gives us plenty of reasons to escape into a humorous children’s book with a ninja, time-traveling monkey, pirate, and other creatures!

    I was hoping to offer a heads up for those interested in using the book as a tool to discuss lying/honesty.

    If you enjoyed this book, you might also like, The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot! by Scott Magoon. I haven’t had a chance to read it because my son absolutely loves it and doesn’t want to share (lol).


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