Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blog Updates!


Wowzers! So much has been happening in the past few days! Here's a quick update:

1. STAY CONNECTED! I have added buttons, links, and widgets to help you better connect through the site or tool that works for you! Google friend connect, blogger's reader, twitter, goodreads, facebook, pinterest, bloglovin', blogHer, email, and RSS feeds.  Please view the blog's left side and footer for access to those buttons, links, and widgets. *If I am missing a connection tool you like/use, let me know!

2. REQUESTS! I am amazed by the reach out from authors, in regards to review requests and interest in interviews. The blog's first author interview will be next Friday! And there will be more quickly following, so check back often! I cannot wait to share their perspectives with you!

3. INDIE AUTHORS! I will admit that while I am an avid reader, I have not been exposed to many Indie authors or really understood their whole world/process. That is changing! I am looking forward to reading the Indie books I have received and delving into this new arena...I will be sharing my thoughts along the way. Stay tuned.

4. BLOG TOURS! I am still learning about what this entails but it means authors with NEW books will be featured on a series of blogs sharing interviews, books, giveaways, etc. I am still making connections but this will be happening soon too!

5. MOTHER'S DAY! I have a fun post planned in honor of Mother's Day tomorrow! is the book I am currently reading, review to come!

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