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About Randie's Book Reviews

I comply with FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements:
The books I review on Randie’s Book Reviews are purchased by me, borrowed from my local library, or are gifts from friends/family unless otherwise stated (goodreads' firstreads program, giveaway contests from various entities, acquired from author/publisher per review request, etc.). In these occurrences, I have not received any monetary compensation in return for the reviews and/or endorsement; although I have received a free book in exchange for my review. Receiving this book/product in NO WAY influences my review as it is MY OWN OPINION of the book/product. 
While I cannot promise that my reviews will always follow this format, I have composed a guide to help you understand the structure and intent of my book reviews.

My book reviews will start with a complete citation of the book. This is out of respect to the creators and publishers, as well as to help others in locating the book. Next, I will list the genre or genres of the book. A photo or image of the book will be shared. The "bread and butter," "meat," or "heart" of the review will include a brief summary, followed by my thoughts and responses to the book.  Labels will occasionally be offered to identify the audience, themes, and other helpful information. These labels can be found and searched by accessing the label widget down in the footer of this blog.

If my summary contains any spoilers, I will identify this in the blog title as a cautionary red flag to readers. Spoilers will be a rarity, as I do not wish to ruin anyone’s book experience. 

*Some of my blog posts might include star ratings but if you venture over to goodreads or twitter, I rate every book I is the key to my star rating system:

1 star = Eh.
2 stars = Pieces of the book are acceptable.
3 stars = Some/most of the book is fairly good.
4 stars = Great book!
5 stars = I either LOVED it or the book offered a message that changed my thinking :)

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