Friday, May 10, 2013

Boy + Bot

Dyckman, A. (2012). Boy and bot. Yaccarino, D. New York, NY: Random House Children’s Books.

Genre: Children’s Picture Storybook

Dyckman shares a story of two unlikely friends: a young boy and a bot. Their friendship begins when boy finds bot out in the woods and brings him home. They have all kinds of fun—until bot stops working. Boy takes on the role of “mother hen” and tries to cure his sick (reading stories, applesauce) bot but nothing works. A disappointed boy falls asleep. When bot regains power and wakes to a seemingly broken boy, he performs his bot version of home remedies (reading instructions, oil) but nothing works. So, bot decides to take boy to his home. What will bot’s inventor do? Read to find out!

My wild thing’s review: "Funny. I liked it when the bot put oil in his ear. (Laughs). I also liked the applesauce on bot's face. It has good details and organization. And it has a funny voice. And I liked it when the boy tucked the bot into bed. I liked the good coloring that goes with the words. And the author has good writing. The pictures were written good too."

My response: I concur with my son but would also point out the significant role of the inventor. Parents will appreciate his contribution to the story.

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