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Noel, A. (2009). Evermore. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Griffin.

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Evermore, is the first book in a series of six novels. Ever Bloom is the sole survivor of a tragic accident that took the lives of her parents, younger sister (Riley), and pet dog. In the process of losing everything she loved, Ever gained something…something powerful. She copes with this newly acquired power by trying to hide in sweatshirts and filling her ears with music…strategies that were kinda-sorta working until Damen comes along. He’s everything Ever has been missing but he is a mystery and he’s far from a savior—actually, he makes Ever’s life even more complicated.

Reaction: After finishing book two in this series, I was able to better appreciate some aspects of Evermore. Honestly, this book couldn’t stand alone because there wasn’t much growth or development but that was probably the intention of the author. Noel wants her readers to stick it out for the entire series.

Ever seems clueless to life sometimes. I suppose it is acceptable given the amount of loss, grief, and change she has gone through but it is frustrating as the reader. Ever did begin to grow and learn more about herself but I can only hope she will continue to become more aware of her surroundings as the series continues. 

Ever and Damen. They have a “love at first sight” kind of connection that is a tad bit unrealistic but it is maybe believable given the circumstances of the book’s plot. 

Miles and Riley were my favorite characters. Why? Because they were the most authentic and they both add humor to the heavy plot. I do not care for Haven at all. Noel might be doing some foreshadowing by better developing the minor characters now and coming back to them later in the series. Noel’s writing is simple yet descriptive, especially when it comes to Summerland and other settings. 

This is my first paranormal read. I have avoided the genre because I wanted no part in the “Twilight” bandwagon but I am drawn to this series because of the worlds, dimensions, and fantastical aspects...not necessarily for the characters or plot. I would recommend others to give this book a try.

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