Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Lu, M. (2011). Legend. New York, NY: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

Genre: Dystopian Fiction (YA)
In this dystopian novel, the United States is no more. The Republic is a new nation and it seems its main focus is war. War with neighboring nations and war within its own structure. 15-year-old Day was born into one of the poorer families and spends his time rebelling against the Republic. Day’s antics are extremely popular and he is a criminal to some and a legend to others. 15-year-old June was born into one of the wealthier families and spends her time preparing for a respected role in the Republic’s military. June’s skills and high test scores have deemed her the nation’s prodigy. The death of June’s brother, Metias, brings the legend and prodigy together for a story full of action, twists, and of course, romance…

Reaction: Marie Lu's approach to this story enticed me. I was immediately drawn to the characters and their emotion kept me hooked throughout the entire book. June and Day each have a distinct voice and Lu shares each of their point of views flawlessly. The distinct fonts and structured chapters help Lu to carry this out successfully. June and Day both express their thoughts in an intense, emotionally charged story full of pain, loss, rebellion, and hope. The Republic is cruel and while more explanation is needed, Lu has developed a dystopian world that frighteningly believable. 

 5 stars

*Legend is the first of a series; stay tuned for my review of its next installments.

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