Thursday, May 9, 2013

“Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile”

Houston, G. (2010). Miss Dorothy and her book mobile. New York, NY: HarperCollins.

Genre: Memoir/Biography, Children’s Picture Storybook

Loving books and people, a young Dorothy knew right away that she wanted to be a librarian in a fine brick library--just like the one in her hometown. She went to college and library school but married and moved out to the beautiful country before she could be a librarian in a fine brick library. Despite this, Dorothy never stopped loving books and people and she continued to read and share books with friends. A group of those friends came together and just like that Dorothy was traveling all over the countryside in a green bookmobile sharing her love of books with everyone, young and old. She grew a little older and in time, a patron donated a fine white house for Dorothy to use as a library. Miss Dorothy was never able to run a fine brick library but she touched the lives of many as a traveling librarian in a fine bookmobile.

Heartfelt story with soft, serene illustrations emphasizing the caring nature of Miss Dorothy. I loved the letters shared from her now grown-up patrons. I was most fond of the message that although we may not end up fulfilling the dream we set for ourselves, we can still inspire others to pursue their long as we are doing what we love.

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