Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mama Do You Love Me?

Mama Do You Love Me?

Joosse, B. (1991). Mama, Do You Love Me? Lavallee, B. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books. 

Genre: Children’s Picture Storybook, Multicultural 

Through questioning, a young girl seeks reassurance that her Mama will love her no matter what she does. Mama provides this reassurance and shares the emotions she would feel if her daughter demonstrated the acts in her questions. For example, if the little girl turns into a large animal, Mama would be frightened but would still love her daughter forever.

The illustrations exhibit great examples of body language and tone. On one scene, Mama is angry and her body appears boxed and looms over the small girl but when Mama is expressing her love, she is shaped more roundly and embracing her daughter.  The cultural tie-ins are charming and reminds readers that love is universal. Great book!

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