Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nighttime Ninja

Nighttime Ninja!

DaCosta, B. (2012). Nighttime ninja. Young, E. New York: Little, Brown.

Literary Genre: Picture Storybook 
In the night, a young ninja silently creeps about and explores a house while everyone is sleeping. The ninja is on a mission but it seems one person might have different plans for him. DaCosta sparingly uses text, allowing Young’s incredible and seemingly textured illustrations to tell the story.

The ninja in this story is a young boy trying to sneak a late night snack but he is stopped by his mother. The imagination of the boy emulates that of many children and his mission is one nearly all children can relate to. The book also appeals to parents, as we can relate to the infamous bedtime aversion techniques of children.

My Wild Thing’s review: “I did not like this at all. I wanted to read about a REAL ninja!!” (Tough critic alert)


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