Sunday, June 16, 2013

Froggy's Day with Dad!

London, J. (2004). Froggy's Day with Dad. Remkiewicz, F. New York, NY: Viking. 

Genre: Picture Storybook

I have always been a huge fan of frogs. I am not sure why, especially since I consider most slimy things gross but I love frogs. Sadly, this love does not transfer over to the Froggy books. I have come across a few while teaching in a 2nd, grade class and I might have purchased one or two as the $1 choice of a scholastic book order but I do not care for the books. However, I am able to appreciate that the series is popular with children and the books contain a high concentration of sight words, which makes them great for younger readers.

In this particular book, it is Father’s Day, so Froggy spends the day with his dad. Froggy cooks him breakfast, they ride bumper boats, go to the batter’s cage, and play miniature golf. The facial expressions of the dad as they proceed through the wild antics of the day are somewhat amusing but the illustrations are not detailed and lack depth. I did not care much for this book but my almost-six-year-old LOVED it! He enjoyed all of the onomatopoeias (splat, zap, thump, etc.) that were scattered throughout the book. I think this particular feature is appealing to young readers because “sound” words are easy and fun to read.

I would have given this book two stars but because my son requested to read it twice at bedtime, I am going to give it three stars :- ).

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