Saturday, May 14, 2011

Too Many Frogs!

Asher, Sandy. (2005). Too Many Frogs! Graves, K. New York: Scholastic, Inc.

Literary Genre: Picture Storybook 

Rabbit lives by himself, cooks for himself, tidies up after himself, and at the end of every day, he reads himself a story. Rabbit likes his simple, no fuss, no clutter way of life. Then one night, Froggie comes “knock-knockety-knocking” at Rabbit’s door and invites himself inside to listen to Rabbit’s story. Froggie is prone to fuss and clutter and after several visits to Rabbit’s house, Rabbit learns to like a different way of life. Vivid colors and expressive details in the illustrations pair nicely with the humorous and repetitive nature of the text, making this a fun read for children of all ages.

I absolutely love this book! It is an excellent read aloud because the plot revolves around Rabbit’s reading and bringing others closer together. Asher uses several literary devices to captivate the reader. For instance, several phrases are repeated throughout the book, emphasizing text with different placement on the page, and her word choice invites readers to express feelings. The art definitely enhances and extends the text and allows the readers to have a greater understanding of the characters and plot.

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