Saturday, May 14, 2011

Duck Soup

Urbanovic, Jackie. (2008). Duck Soup. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers.

Literary Genre: Fiction (Picture Storybook) 

Max is a duck who loves to cook. Max is in the kitchen working on a special soup that is sure to be a masterpiece when he notices that it is missing something. Max goes out into the garden to find an herb that will make the soup perfect. Meanwhile, his family (a lively bunch of animals) spot a “feather” in the soup and they try to save Max until Max himself interrupts them. In the end, the family is thankful that Max is safe and they have pizza for dinner instead of soup. Colorful illustrations and bright characters that are incredibly engaging contribute even more humor to this entertaining story.

I really appreciate how Jackie Urbanovic uses a variety of font sizes, colors, styles to emphasize certain words, sounds, and dialogue of the characters. It makes the story more engaging for the reader and really fun to read aloud to children of all ages. I can also make a personal connection to the story, when things go wrong in the kitchen; pizza finds its way to my dinner table as well.

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